Sunday, 20 July 2008

Key Appointment

I seem to recall that one of the fundamental commandments is "Thou shalt not worship false idols". So who does this guy think he is? Millions of people travel from all over the globe to listen attentively to him. He gets to ride around in a specially constructed armoured car, because his life is obviously of more value than others'. A group of bodyguards surround him and keep watch over him 24 hours a day. He was apparently appointed by the highest authority that exists. He even has his own little country. Most recently, he called for people to leave their "spiritual deserts", to abandon materialism and greed and to come join his flock.

His name is Josef Ratzinger. He is just a guy. He could be anybody: you; me; the person standing in line directly behind you. He is not special. He has been put into power by a group of his cohorts who have no real authority over anyone, but claim to be higher up in the food chain than everyone. And being worshiped by millions of people makes him a false idol.

I certainly applaud his condemnation of greed and materialism, but can't help notice that he says this while dressed in the finest hand-made fitted garments and is waited on hand-and-foot. I'd wager he doesn't want his flock to stop tithing.

I encourage christians to abandon their "mental deserts", to embrace education and rationality.

Oh, and you need not worship me. I am appointed by no one. I'm just a guy, and am no better than you.


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