Monday, 9 April 2007

The First Step

In fighting for any worthy cause, it is of prime importance that the people you are trying to reach know of your existence: Visibility is crucial.

Firstly, it gives other like-minded individuals the confidence to speak out and express themselves, that they are not alone. A supporting network of like-minded people can form, being able to identify one another.

Secondly, our visibility shows the controlling powers and agents of the adversary that their views and methods are actively opposed. Since fear of reprisal is a key component in suppressing the freedom of thought, we must show no fear.

Thirdly, being visibile generally raises public awareness, and forces those who may have no strong opinion to at least consider the issue.

Remember, the enemy only exists in 'free' societies because of laws protecting of freedom of speech, belief and thought; yet they would gladly take those priviledges away from you given the chance. Remember also that in these societies, you are protected by the same laws. The effect of not protecting these worthy institutions may not be immediately evident, but tomorrow's children may pay the price for today's indifference.

Act Today: Become Visible.

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